About Us

www.PostYourAudition.com was created to help and further the careers of many trying to enter the entertainment business. The creator of the website wanted to create a website where all can show their talents and hopefully fulfill their dreams. Starting in the entertainment business can be extremely hard, so we decided to make it a little bit easier for the entertainer as well the as the people recruiting by creating this site. This site could potentially eliminate casting calls and live auditions. This site (www.postyouraudition.com) was created to hopefully connect the talent that hasn’t been seen yet, to the talent seekers who can help facilitate these peoples dreams. The future goal of this site is to create a situation where people looking to enter the entertainment business will not have to move and change their lives, but simply post their audition and wait to see if an opportunity arises. www.postyouraudition.com is not a pornographic site and is not meant for nude or indecent videos. Please refrain from posting videos of pornographic materials. Thank You.

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