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"Out Here On My Own" by Karlijn Verhagen
Wonderful live stage performance of "Out Here On My Own" from the Fame. Performed by 13 year old Karlijn Verhagen
Added: 2587 days ago From 99shedhead
global.duration: 192.00
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'I Don't Believe You' by Karlijn Verhagen
13 year old Karlijn sings the beautiful cover 'I don't believe you' by Pink recorded in a studio in Brielle, the Netherlands.
Added: 2587 days ago From 99shedhead
global.duration: 273.00
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Beacon of Hope by Project 80FIVE
Beacon of Hope performed by Project 80FIVE (KiB / ET C / Nantale) for 80 Five Entertainment. SONG: produced by Deni Jerosimovic, co-written by Sutso Banda, Kibrom Hailemariam, Kuda Ndlovu & Nantale Kivubiro. VIDEO: Executive Producer - 80 Five Entertainment, Directors - Sutso Banda, Jesse Collins & Tim Brade, Producer - Sutso Banda, Cinematography - Jesse Collins, Ben Dorron & Tim Brade, Editiors/Post Production - Sutso Banda, Jesse Collins & Ben Dorron. (c) 2011 80 Five Entertainment.
Added: 2405 days ago From lajrehro
global.duration: 273.48
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Added: 1751 days ago From acasa1
global.duration: 195.24
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Big Daddy Kane and The Las Supper
Added: 1751 days ago From acasa1
global.duration: 205.06
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Cindy Lou- Tell me I'm yours
Cindy Lou- Singer/ sngwriter
Added: 2930 days ago From Cindy_Lou
global.duration: 358.84
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I dont often use Teenie as a character because she really does irritate me to no end. My uncle worked in a call center and told us how this true story took place, so I thought Teenie should reenact the role. hahah Wishing all of you an awesome weekend!!! :-) Love, Christine Facebook: Twitter: Music by David Choi:
Added: 3004 days ago From demo
global.duration: 183.00
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Distant Dreamer by Karlijn Verhagen
13 year old Karlijn had a great time filming this video on the beach near her home in the Netherlands and in the hotel suite of 'Badhotel Rockanje'! It was her first time acting and singing in a real video. When she heard 'Distant Dreamer' by Duffy for the first time, she knew she wanted to cover and film this beautiful song! She hopes you will all enjoy this video!!
Added: 2587 days ago From 99shedhead
global.duration: 321.00
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Drive TV Vancouver - Sharad Khare with Cindy Lou Potter & Des Larson
Drive TV Vancouver - Sharad Khare with Cindy Lou Potter & Des Larson @The Beaumont 9th September 2009 Vocalist/ Songwriter: Cindy Lou is currently living in Vancouver, B.C., pursuing her career in the music industry. A well rounded musician, Cindy Lou is a reflection of life experiences written in a song. As a lyricist and vocalist she has been involved with music her entire life. "this is what I am meant to do!" say's the talented young R and B singer. She moved to the city to place herself in a better position, available for more oppertunity. You can see her performing around Vancouver, L.A and her home town Dawson Creek. She is in the recording studio and perfecting her talents with hours of training throughout the weeks. Cindy Lou is the full package for the industry as an actress, model, musician. She is strong, full of drive and has large amounts of passion for her career. Watch as she rises to the top as an up and coming artist.
Added: 2882 days ago From Cindy_Lou
global.duration: 276.00
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Elitists "Love Affair" Elitists- "Love Affair"
Added: 2519 days ago From mikeq7o9bi
global.duration: 243.25
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eva cassidy songbird cover by emma
this song was requested by my friend and fellow music lover luis, so i hope you all enjoy it , please leave your comments, thanks for watching xx
Added: 2921 days ago From emmapple
global.duration: 232.00
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Added: 2529 days ago From profitmega
global.duration: 20.09
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ian ja rule
Music on Post Your Audition
Added: 1778 days ago From sashuste
global.duration: 263.00
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Last Christmas cover-Alicia Dupuis
cover of Last Christmas
Added: 2292 days ago From AliciaDupuis
global.duration: 126.16
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Love Story By Ketlyn Almeida
Ketlyn Singing
Added: 2330 days ago From Sheirla_vasconcelos
global.duration: 96.54
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Lykisha Perkins
Essence Music Festival Audition
Added: 2500 days ago From propagame
global.duration: 134.55
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On my Own (Les Miserables) By Gaby Borges
Gaby Borges (BKIDZ) Singing "On my Own" from Les Miserables
Added: 2913 days ago From 99shedhead
global.duration: 190.00
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Ordinary People
John Legend
Added: 2276 days ago From oreoboi18
global.duration: 307.66
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Rain Makes Me Sad
RAIN MAKES ME SAD - an original inspirational song by Zook Matthews I wrote this song while kickin back on my front porch back in Sept of '91'. I had recently moved to (the sometimes rainy) coast of Vancouver B.C. from Sunny Los Angeles. Looking back, I must have been inspired by the fall rain. This is a song written from within my soul. It has touched many and it is my hope that it will touch many more. May it touch your heart and inspire your your soul. This is definitely my most requested song amongst friends and family . I play it almost every time I break out the guitar! Usually hanging out and jammin at someone's kitchen table... always at parties, and for sure on camping trips. Not to mention all of those backyard bar-b-q's. This is my first recording of myself performing the song. I would like to give a special thanks to my beautiful girlfriend Tracy for seeing my vision, feeling my words and creating this amazing video. She managed to capture the essense of the song beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. If you enjoy my song please give it a thumbs up (like it) and of course I would love for you to share it. This song is meant to be passed along and shared with everyone. Thank you for listening. This song ( Rain Makes Me Sad ) was written by and is owned by Zook Matthews. Any reproduction for the purpose of personal gain including but not limited to the audio, video, lyrics and/or music is prohibited without prior written consent. Please feel free to post and share everywhere!
Added: 2510 days ago From riderz4
global.duration: 292.00
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Return to me
This composer is called the American Mozart. His music is amazing. A group of us are sharing his music on and spreading the word on this guy.
Added: 1551 days ago From larp0nsoha
global.duration: 135.16
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