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Cindy Lou- Tell me I'm yours
Cindy Lou- Singer/ sngwriter
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Drive TV Vancouver - Sharad Khare with Cindy Lou Potter & Des Larson
Drive TV Vancouver - Sharad Khare with Cindy Lou Potter & Des Larson @The Beaumont 9th September 2009 Vocalist/ Songwriter: Cindy Lou is currently living in Vancouver, B.C., pursuing her career in the music industry. A well rounded musician, Cindy Lou is a reflection of life experiences written in a song. As a lyricist and vocalist she has been involved with music her entire life. "this is what I am meant to do!" say's the talented young R and B singer. She moved to the city to place herself in a better position, available for more oppertunity. You can see her performing around Vancouver, L.A and her home town Dawson Creek. She is in the recording studio and perfecting her talents with hours of training throughout the weeks. Cindy Lou is the full package for the industry as an actress, model, musician. She is strong, full of drive and has large amounts of passion for her career. Watch as she rises to the top as an up and coming artist.
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